Sunday, 27 November 2011

We Belong Together

On November 25 1989 my beloved and I tied the matrimonial knot.

Getting together in the first place was no easy task as we had lived quite independent lives until we met in 1987.

Jo and I had spent several years overseas prior to meeting up. Jo had nursed in Little Rock, Arkansas for 6 years and strangely I was living in the same place at the very same time but neither of us had any awareness of each other's existence. It took a few years later before we met in Dunedin. I had been in London for a few years after Little Rock and had eventually decided to go back home to Dunedin although what for I wasn't quite sure at the time.

After spending time together we slowly managed to adapt to having someone else to consider and finally realised that we had a lot in common. We also realised that life had a lot more meaning if you shared it with someone you cared about.

All these years later having had the great opportunity to be a parent to 2 lovely girls we now look to the future together without the children. I am sure that what had brought us together will keep us strong and committed to each other. I know we look forward to watching Kate and Alice live their own lives and make their own mark in the world. We are both extremely proud of the way our girls are growing up and the positive choices they are making.

Ten years ago Jo made an innocent suggestion that I should try writing songs. She didn't know what monster she had created.

Here is my original creation which obviously had to be a love song due to it's inspiration.

I hope you like my song to Jo called 'We Belong Together'


Lea said...

You should have done this post on Friday! Didn't even know it was your wedding anniversary then! Congratulations to you both, hope you did something special to celebrate! And what a beautiful first song you wrote! Am glad Jo encouraged you to start writing your own songs because you really are incredibly talented!

Ellie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you enjoyed your day.
Well done to your wife suggesting you start to write your own songs. You are very good and you obviously enjoy it.

Don't unplug your hub said...

She's a lucky lady to be so well loved. Lovely song Paul. Happy anniversary.

blackhuff said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you. So nice to see marriages like these, surviving so long. These days so many marriages go to divorce before 10 years are over.