Thursday, 3 November 2011

Green Fingers

Brown Fingers would be closer to the truth as I have the job of doing the dirty work. Let me explain.

I'm not much of the gardener but I like to do my bit with helping Jo keep the property tidy. I'm extremely proficient on the lawn mower and since a year ago an old hand at weeding the lawns.

I first began this job due to being sick of the number of dandelion weeds. Both lawns had been completely taken over. I literally spent 20 hours weeding the lawns initially. Back breaking work trying to get to the roots. I eventually cleared them. I have religiously kept it up and now only need to spend an hour or two monthly. The lawns now look and feel great!

After all this weeding a gin and tonic is most welcome with some lemon from our abundant lemon tree. Sadly I missed getting the beautiful blossoms of our plum tree. By Christmas we should have a tree laden with the juiciest plums. Will make sure I get a photo when they are ready!

Check out the kiwi beach theme in the mosaic that enhances the garden that Jo prides herself in keeping well maintained and groomed.


Lea White said...

If you are bored and looking for more weeds to sort out - we have lots! Beautiful mosaic. Did Jo make that?

Sarah said...

I kinda like digging around in the dirt!! I love the physical strength needed, but it's also quite mentally relaxing don't you think?

and that you posted about mosaic, is very .....hmm, co-incidental, timely, apt (not quite sure which word to use here...I think I need to come and do some of your Glossary work Paul!) as I can't say much more than that, but it made me smile :) I will explain, just not quite yet!

and congratulations to Alice :)She certainly seems to put her mind to what she wants to achieve and does it well :) and from what you've said about Katie previously, it appears you have to dedicated and hard-working girls there :) who will go far :)

Sarah said...


Sarah said...

and it's Kate isn't it? Sorry :S