Friday, 18 November 2011


Looking forward to Lea's Funrazor on Sunday!

I will have 13 children singing with me at Coastlands, Paraparaumu. I will be playing my guitar and we will sing songs that go with my You're Not Eating Me book. The book / c d price is $15 with $5 of every sale going to Child Cancer Foundation.

Lea has organised spot prizes and lots of fun activities. It is going to be a special day!

Tilly, one of my students from last year will be singing a few songs with me.

Tilly and myself at a recent school assembly


blackhuff said...

It sure sounds like a lot of fun. And what a great cause you are supporting.
That song of yours sounds like fun.

Lea said...

It's going to be great having you and your students there! Am getting a bit on the nervous side, but I have a great team of people involved so it should go well!

Don't unplug your hub said...

A great charity to support. Hope you have a great time too.

forrest said...

hi mr foster looks like your having a great time with tilly. i havent seen you in a while i hope your having a great time in room 1