Wednesday 4 July 2012

Tauhara Forest

The following day after my Taupo Triumph dawned icy but clear! Although my legs were a little weary from my race I had a 20 minute shuffle before heading out with the family to the Tauhara Forest.

This 2 and a half hour return walk was most pleasant. It involved a steady climb through some lovely bush. At the summit were stunning 360 vistas. Here are some of the photos that Alice and I took. There are so many good ones that I had difficulty being selective. Hope you like them!

Tuesday 3 July 2012


Just a short post tonight to show off my medal! This year is the 25th Anniversary of the North Island Cross Country being held at Spa Park, Taupo! A special commemorative medal was made to acknowledge the event which I'm proud to say I was a bronze recipient.

Hope you are green with envy but probably more so glad that you don't subject yourself to the pain and suffering I endured to get it. Thank you readers who commented how good I looked during the race as I haven't always had such positive responses to the state of my being in competition.

Click here for race results link

Monday 2 July 2012

Taupo Triumph

As posted on Friday I have been away at the North Island Cross Country Champs in Taupo. My event was 6 km held on a hilly Spa Park course. I had been in 6th place for the first lap but passed 2 more runners on the second lap to finish 4th and 3rd in the 50 - 54 age group.

I was delighted to win my third ever medal at Taupo out of about 9 attempts!

Going up a hilly section of the course

With Tony Price shortly after the finish of the race

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With the race out of the way on Saturday morning I was able to enjoy watching the other runners suffer as I had in the other grades. At 4 pm I attended the prize-giving to receive my Bronze Medal! Photo to come!

While at De Bretts Thermal Resort I had ample opportunities to soak my weary body!

On Saturday night we had dinner at Jolly Goodfellows. I had a large portion of Nachos!

It was a great weekend! I have taken lots of photos but once again can't access them! I will try my best to post some soon!

Friday 29 June 2012

Taupo Travels

After school today I head off with my family to Taupo for the North Island Cross Country Championships. I will be competing for Wellington so extra pressure. I'm looking forward to it as I have been running really well and my hopes are to win a medal in my age category. I have only won 2 in the last 12 years in this event but have finished 4th a number of times. I am in my best shape for about 5 years I believe so I am quietly confident I can give it a real shot.

We are staying at the De Bretts Hotel so that will be really nice. The legs I'm sure will appreciate a soak in the hot pools after the race.

Will be away for a few days with no computer access so will report back next week hopefully with some stories, photos and some good news!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday 28 June 2012

Live Your Dreams

Once again I am somewhat starved for inspiration and feel I'm in a bit of a rut. I suppose we all get like that at times. I recently wrote about living in the present but I think it is also important to reflect and evaluate where you are at.

Sometimes decisions have to be made to make sure that your life satisfies, is fulfilling and feels right. It is difficult at times to make a clear judgement as often it is hard to let go of what we are familiar with yet may not be what is best for us. I have been told by close advisors to be analytical but sometimes the heart is the best guide as it can't be argued with. No amount of analysing can change deep emotions and desires.

My song Live Your Dreams may have been included in a post previously but I feel it is timely to include it now.

 Live Your Dreams
Let your beauty be seen...clear waters up-stream
You've got what it takes...go on live your dreams

They'll knock you down and mess you around
Inner strength is yours...just let it be found
Avoiding the traps...with feet on firm ground
As the fox in the hunt and the hare from the hound

                                             Life has been full of pushes and pulls
Too ready to their beck and call
You've stumbled and tumbled in falls and spills
Pick yourself up with drive and will

                                                Deep inside great passion abides
Attend to its simmering lies
Braced for action...concealed it hides
Awaiting its the moon to the tides

Begin to doubts annoy
Your calmness...composure...all glory is yours
Now as always...forever more

Are you living your dreams? Do you believe it is important to ask questions about where you are and where you might be going? 

Wednesday 27 June 2012


A bit starved for ideas for blogging as little of interest is happening at the moment I can tell you about. So thought I'd turn to my back up of song lyrics that I have written for inspiration.

This poem / song has not yet been recorded so can only provide you with the lyrics.

It is written from a child perspective about what children really want and need. There are many children who materially might have all they possibly could want but as we all know money and possessions can not buy you happiness. Having money is important for a comfortable life but true happiness lies within.

Many children in our world are becoming more and more confused with everything out there in our capitalist world and much time is spent in entertainment and solitude. There is a real disengagement at times from what they really need.

Here is Warmth...Love that expresses these feelings better than any further ramblings on my part:- 

Warmth…love that’s all we need
A flower grows from the smallest seed
Protect us from choking weeds
Nurture ‘til we’re strong indeed

On you we trust…depend
A helping hand will you lend

Money …toys can do without
As long as you’re around…about
To give your time and self to us
Care and trust…honesty’s a must

Will you be our very best friend?
Draw us in or turn away…send?

What you give will three fold return
Through your guidance teach us to learn
Encourage with smiles not faces stern
Build bridges not break down…burn


What special ways do you give warmth and love to your children? What activities do you do with your children that helps bond you as a family?

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Who's Who

Travelling is great fun but for me it is people that make it all the more special!

Over the last 20 years I have made my 2 - 3 year pilgrimages to Europe for the World Mountain Running Championships and have always included London as part of my trip. This year was no exception!

Since living in London for 3 years back in the mid 80's I have had a strong pull back. I am a nostalgic person and love the history that London has to offer! But it is the friends I made there that keeps drawing me back.

In fact the first of these I caught up with on my last visit who have often put me up are Chris and Mary who I actually met in my home town, Dunedin. Mary is a kiwi but Chris is English. In the late 80's Chris had been posted to the Dunedin Library for a year exchange and I met him through my brother who also worked at the library. Chris and Mary struck up a friendship with Jo and I and we regularly met up for dinner. They now live in Worcester Park and have been extremely kind to me by letting me stay with them. I always catch up with Chris for a few pints!

Chris at the Worcester Park Hotel

Paul and Dave are two Londoners who I met when I joined Thames Valley Harriers in 1985. I struck up a friendship with them and we travelled around different parts of England to compete in various races. It is wonderful to meet local people as a tourist. They looked after me and introduced me to the English way of life. I enjoyed meeting up again this time and reliving the old days when we were younger and faster.

From Left - Paul, Dave and I

The last person I would like to mention is John who many readers will know from his blog and mine. He bravely agreed to meet me at his home in Southern England and look after me for a day. We had a great time playing music and managed to tell our life histories in that time. John is a colourful character with quite a past that he regularly writes about on his blog. We struck up a great friendship and I look forward to meeting up again in a couple more years.

John and Tricia