Tuesday, 31 January 2012


The last 2 weeks have been full on watching the Australian Tennis Open!

Have managed to see most major games either live early in the evening or recorded the following day! Our viewing pleasure has been greatly enhanced with our newly purchased
40" Sony HD T.V! It certainly isn't the largest on the market but it is a big step up from our 29".

Back to the tennis! What remarkable finals! Although the Women's was a much shorter affair it was still a memorable match for the sheer dominance of the winner.

The Men's Final in complete contrast was a battle of attrition with both Nadal and Djokovich playing themselves into the record books with a 6 hour battle. Due to the length of the match my programmed recordings ran out and I had to wait for the highlights to see how the match eventually unfolded.

As the whole world now knows Djokovic was the victor after their 5 set titanic struggle!

I'm looking forward to the year ahead following the upcoming cricket with South Africa touring New Zealand. In April is the start of Rugby League where the N.Z Warriors will once again be playing in the NRL Australian competition.

Sport will never be the same again!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Wiggle Athlete Search

Lea made an innocent comment that I might like to consider entering the 2012 Wiggle Athlete Search competition. With this competition Wiggle (and no it is not the Wiggles...) is hoping to find keen athletes to help them promote their brand. In exchange they'll offer the winner some neat prizes.

Today Lea and I met so we could plan the entry and so Lea took a few photos of me in action.

I'm quite excited about the project and will share the video clip we plan to submit with you once it is done! Watch this space!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

State Capital Classic Ocean Swim

This morning we travelled to Wellington for the State Capital Classic Ocean Swim. I rode my bike and Jo took the girls in. Kate and Alice were entered for the 3.3 km event and Jo decided that the 1 km race would be enough for her with little recent swimming.

At 8:45 Kate and Alice had their race briefing that described the course and safety factors.

At 9:00 they made their way to the starting point.

When all the waves of swimmers were in position the race was ready to start. Kate was seeded in the elite group who wore red caps and Alice was in the next wave wearing pink.

Kate had a fantastic race and outsprinted another Raumati Swimmer, Ruaan after swimming together most of the race.

Kate finished in 6th place among the elite women and 2nd under 20 swimmer.

Alice who had started in the second wave had a steady race and finished 5th in her age group. She came in behind a friend of hers, Hollie also a swimmer with the Raumati Swimming Club.

Unfortunately my battery died at the very moment Alice came in!

From left:  Kate, Hollie, Alice
Next it was Jo's turn to get ready to swim in the 1 km.

Jo rose to the challenge and swam strong.

These events would not be possible without the support on the course of the Life Guards.

After a tiring morning of swimming it was gelatos all round to celebrate their achievements.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Please join me on a long hill run

It was a perfect Saturday with blue skies and a wonderful opportunity to show off the places I love to run.

Today we are going up into the Maungatukutuku Hills so quite a challenge. Feel free to take a breather when required and take in the sights along the way.

First we pass through the pony club

We're heading for the hills in the distance. We'll be running along the ridge.

After 5km we have a zigzag to the Water Tower

Getting closer to the hills

Time for some hills. Prepare yourself!

Right we're in to it. Some deep breaths. Heading for the trees!

Some shade from the sun that's warming up.

This bit's a little tough so pace yourself

Ten minutes of running to the top. I know you're liking the look of the hut!

Well done for keeping on going.  You're nearly there.

You've made it to the top. Watch your footing as the grass is overgrown.

Some lovely soft pine needles to run on now.

Enjoy the lovely pines.

Take in the views of Raumati South where we started and Kapiti Island.

Best I could manage of myself at the top.

A lovely downhill section to recover from all of that uphill.

Some more lovely pines.

A quick look over Kapiti before we start our descent.

I'm sorry but we have a tiny bit more of uphill. Hang in there!

We've started our descent. Looking down towards Valley Road.

Last look over Raumati South and Kapiti Island

Nearing the bottom of Waterfall Road before SH1

You're now back on the flat.

We're over SH1 and going cross country home.

I know you're tired but not that far to go

Enjoy the soft green grass under foot

Follow the track to the trees in the distance.

You've done extremely well. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I have!

Friday, 27 January 2012

In a Stew

Ever since the fruit on our Plum Tree started ripening there has been no end of work!

This year our tree has produced an over abundant crop.

Unfortunately we can't keep up with the ripening fruit. We have given many bags full away to friends and still they keep coming. There is no more room in the freezer!

Great amounts have fallen on the ground!

To avoid wasting all the wonderful produce I have been frantically gathering and stewing.

The better plums have avoided the chop!

After washing the plums and cutting them up I put them in a pot!

Although they are quite sweet and juicy I add sugar to assist the stewing process and flavour!

When they have stewed they are left to cool.

For a healthy dessert they are added to rolled oats, dates, low fat milk and homemade yoghurt!