Friday, 25 November 2011

On my mind

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This is on my mind:

On Sunday I am officiating at a swim meet at our local swimming pool. Our family has been involved with Raumati Swimming Club for the last 10 years who are hosting the meet.

I have moved up the ranks from Time Keeper to Inspector of Turns to the now lofty heights of Starter. I'm really talking it up because it's not really too high powered but I do enjoy it.

The role of the starter is basically what it says to start the proceedings of each race after the Race Referee has given the signal. It does at times have it's pressures when there are false starts.

Raumati Swimming Club [Alice - middle front]


Lea White said...

Great photo! It sounds like an important job to be the Starter! Do you have to earn the positions or do you opt for a particular position?

Ellie said...

That's a great picture full of happy looking children.

Don't unplug your hub said...

Do you have a starting pistol?

Paul said...

No pistol...just a buzzer. Not nearly as exciting.