Thursday, 24 November 2011

Child Play

As a teacher and parent I have had the great fortune to spend a lot of time with children and have loved the opportunities I've had to enter into their world. If the truth be known it has allowed me to bring out the kid within me.

Through teaching I have enjoyed immensely being able to tap into their imaginations and ultimately help them express what it means for them to be a child. Often their creative side is brought out through sharing music with them.

In parenthood I really loved seeing them grow through play and being able to be part of those experiences. I enjoyed their journey of self discovery and during that process I discovered myself. I watched Barney and Postman Pat religiously with the girls. Playgrounds and outings to McDonalds featured regularly, dining on Happy Meals mainly to get the free toys.

I have found myself inspired to write music as a result of my personal experiences as a teacher and parent. It has brought me pleasure to be able to share my insights with children and see them appreciate singing my songs.

I have countless treasured memories. Following is a photo of Kate with some of her favourite toys. The teddy on the left deserves a blog of it's own as there are far too many stories to tell here.

As a song writer I have written a lot of children songs. The song below talks about some of my experiences with Kate and Alice.

Click here to listen to Vigour of Youth

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Lea said...

Another of your really good songs! This one is definitely one of my favourites! How old was Kate in the photo? Such a cute photo! I have seen how well the children relate to your music! And kids is a good excuse why us adults could watch cartoons (except Barney...) :-)