Monday, 20 February 2012

Someone Once Said

Today has been an interesting but challenging day. There have been positive and negative interactions that at times weaken the resolve. Teaching demands can at times be overpowering and there often is a sense of frustration as these expectations increase.

However I have found testing reading extremely rewarding as I begin a new year with a new group. I really enjoy being released from the classroom and having one on one quality time with my children. I love giving them the encouragement to be their best and the reassurance that they are going well and are going to continue to grow in their successes.

Here is a poem / song I wrote that reflects some of the drama that life can throw upon us!

Someone Once Said

A little voice inside forever it cries
You'd give it away if you're prudent...wise
There's a point to it all...the occasional lie
That keeps it together but too frequent ask why

All about you is lost you count the cost
Your failings speak loud 'midst a hostile crowd
They readily claim you're not quite sane
But you block out their voices time and again

Someone once said good things come
To those who patiently wait...for the sun
Will slowly appear...all become clear
As dark clouds disperse...finally disappear

It's a hard road you've travelled...where does it end?
The questions you ask...much further? When?
Any high points or is this as good as it gets?
Keep searching for meanings undiscovered yet


Apologies if the mood of this post is rather conflicting but we are complex beings and our days are filled with good and bad and certainty and confusion.


Lea said...

I'm sorry your day was challenging for you. It's not nice when your week starts like this.

Was going to put something else here, but maybe not the right place...

blackhuff said...

Sorry to read that you had an extremely challenging day :(
Love the song.
Q: I see a lot of words in your songs rime. Is this the way it should be or is this the way you prefer?
P.S: Did you see that you have Captcha on, on your blog?

Don't unplug your hub said...

Onwards and upwards Paul!

PS this word verification is difficult to decipher at times.

Ellie said...

Sorry you have had a difficult day - teaching must be a difficult thing to do at times.
Hope tomorrow is better for you.

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Don't worry Mr. Paul you will be fine! You made a really good poem!

Paul Forster said...

Thanks Victor
Glad you like my poem! Hope your study is not too hard! Kate is off to Uni tomorrow. We are going to miss her a lot!

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Yeah I know Mr. Paul ,she told me!