Saturday, 5 November 2011

Our Furry Companions

Eight years ago we bought a little kitten for Alice for a Christmas present. She had been asking for a pet for a long time and finally we gave in. Although a female Alice was insistent that our cat be called Garfield.

As a kid growing up we had cats and dogs which I became attached to. I seem to have a reputation though as not being an animal lover but all animals seem to be attracted to me. However this is not always a good thing as I described in my blog A Hazardous Sport.

Over the years I have become extremely attached to Garfield. Typically in the evenings she joins the family in our lounge and makes herself comfortable on my lap often stretching out full length.

Garfield and myself enjoy head butting and some quality conversations and she always obediently leaves the lounge at bed time.

What special moments do you share with your pets?

Here is a photo of our cherished cat, Garfield.


Lea White said...

Cool photo! And cool name! Does she like lasagne too? ;-)

In South Africa we had 2 miniature pitchers named Bambi and Rudi. They were like kids and Rudi was a typical mommy's little boy. I'll have to share one day the story behind getting them.

As you know we now have 2cats named Prince Charming and Looey. Looey loves to be brushed and loves to sit on my lap providing it is on her terms. Prince Charming loves cuddles even though he tries so hard to act all macho.

I have had pets pretty much for most of my life and have always loved animals. Got the biggest hiding of my life when as a pre-schooler I ran into the road to rescue a dog that I was worried would be hit by cars.

LatteJunkie said...

I love animals and can't wait until we get a dog. Stud1 is allergic to cats (conveniently) so I can't get a kitten...

Monkey desperately wants a pet and at the moment is asking for a hermit crab, as you can buy them at pet shops here in Sydney... not sure if we'll get one when we get back home... but they are at least less up keep than a dog.

My favourite pet of all was Romy and her claim to fame was throwing her ridgeback/rottweiler self between me and Stud1 during a disagreement :) she was a beautiful dog.

Don't unplug your hub said...

Bonnie the cat jumps on the back of my chair and hits me on the head, if I don't fill her bowl up promptly.

Kevin and Ruth said...

When I was growing up we had a cat that looked just like Garfield. She lived to be about 17 and I loved that cat, we called her Whiskey. I am sure that you know we also had a dog named Whiskey who was also black with a little white who only just passed away a month ago. Both Whiskey's were very loving and always apart of the family and will always be part of my memories.

Kevin and Ruth

blackhuff said...

I love this picture of you and Garfield.
You have read before on my blog, why we can't have any pets in our household :( I get so sad when I read a post like yours because I long for a pet but my child is much more important to me.
One day I will get a pet again when my children leave the nest.

Anonymous said...

hi this is anya and alisha I have a cat called jess she is grey once i was runing up the stairs and she scratched me :{ owch