Friday, 15 June 2012

In The Groove

I know I'm not alone but i tend to worry far too much about the what ifs mentioned by Lea in her post yesterday. This has been a recurring theme lately in posts I've read.

I am good at writing songs on enjoying the moment but not so good at following my own advice. It has been interesting reading other people's slant on living in the present and not getting bogged down in what the future might hold. All I know is what I know in the present and I'm trying to hold on to that basing decisions on the here and now and trusting my instincts. Life is far too short to spend my time with regrets and worrying about what will probably never happen.

Here is another original song called In The Groove! Hope you like it and it gives you a lift for your day!


Ellie said...

Hi Paul, I've fallen a wee bit behind in reading posts so haven't seen Lea's yet.
As I have got older I realise I just have to take each day as it comes and let tomorrow happen tomorrow. Not alway easy I know, but you are right. Life is just too short to spend it worrying about tomorrow and what might happen.
Hope life is being good to you :)

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Paul I shall be 65 years old in a few weeks. 65 years and a heck of a lot of that time has been spent worrying about the future. What a waste of this short time we have to live. If I could start my life over again I would not allow stupid worry into it.

Lea said...

Great song! It is important to live in the moment and enjoy now.

Valerie said...

Paul, I never look back and rarely look forward. Life is too precious. Looking back stops us from moving on and too much looking forward inhibits our enjoyment of the present. You can pave the way ahead but that doesn't mean you have to dwell on it. Just enjoy your life as it is and be happy.