Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Men and their Motors

At the risk of alienating most of my small number of followers I am writing from observations and from my perception of the significance of the motor car.

A bit of a wordy start but as a male I believe I have some insights into the male obsession with cars. For men in general they are not merely a form of transportation from one place to another. It is about the style you do it in.

Ever since leaving school I took great pride in the various cars I owned and the independence it gave me. Also had a stint on a 350 Honda motorbike that almost had me killed a number of times.

After spending over 3 years in America and London I returned with an XJS Jaguar purchased from my hard work in London. Sadly I had to sell it due to a cash flow crisis.

Nowadays I haven't got such lofty ambitions but I still dream regularly about my Jaguar XJS Reg. No YKN506S that is imprinted in my memory. Although I know owning another Jaguar has great appeal there is only sparse spare money around. These days I realise there is better value in my trips to London and Europe every few years

Our current cars are a small Honda Logo

Family Car

and a Toyota Camry.

My car

The rest of the family like the smaller car to drive but obviously as one of the male species I wouldn't be seen dead driving the Honda. In al seriousness the small car worries me due to the minimal protection it will give if things go wrong. It would only take an inattentive driver to cause what could be a fatal accident.

Have you had any close calls or serious car accidents?

What are your experiences of cars and safety issues?


Ellie said...

The Jaguar XJS was always a car I wanted to have one day - never had one though.
We had a Saab 950 which I wrote off in a crash in the snow a few years ago. Nobody hurt and just my sister and myself in the car. It gave me a real fright though and am still not happy driving in the snow.

Lea said...

So quite the risk taker then? Not only did you recently drive (not once but 4 times) in a smaller car - a Honda Jazz (our car), but you even had a female driver (not once but 4 times!). :-)

As a female I do appreciate good looking, fast and expensive looking cars, but due to my limited ability to parallel park very well, smaller cars are better for me.

I'm surprised you did not go for some or the other Holden - this seems to be the car of choice here in New Zealand from what I am able to see...

My first car ever was an Opel Monza. Was quite a mission to get it from the dealer home because I refused to drive on the motorway at the time... The car was good except it had an electrical fault making the engine cut out for no good reason, once we realised what it was got it fixed pretty quickly. And once it ran out of fuel and I had to phone Terence from the side of the road to come and "rescue" me... To this day I'm convinced it didn't show empty and it wasn't just a case of me being a girl... ;-)

When I met Terence he was driving a Honda Ballade 180E and later he got a BMW of some sorts.

I've only ever been in 1 accident and it was with a bigger car (a Mitsubishi Chariot). It was a car Bianca named Trees. The car was a written off in the end, but we were fine. Our current car (which Bianca named Banana) has never been in a car crash.

Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

I've been driving since 1962 and was a professional truck driver in the Los Angeles area for over 35 years. I had a lot of close calls but never had a serious accident in all those years :-)

Take care and have a nice day :-)

And thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

Don't unplug your hub said...

I once got my car written off as I stopped at traffic lights, when I was hit by a runaway driverless car! Someone forgot to put the handbrake on!
I took my motorbike test a few years ago aged 58, but still haven't bought a bike.
My favourite car ever was a Mk2 Jag, I still miss it. They cost a fortune these days.

Kevin and Ruth said...

We have been very lucky with our driving, we have had a slight fender bender or two (not our fault) but nothing serious. Kevin used to own a auto body shop so he has fixed up a number of cars that we bought over the years that have been his babies! He once had a 1971 Buick Skylark, an RX7 and an older model Chevy truck. He has always wanted a Jag!

Kevin and Ruth

blackhuff said...

I liked this post of yours very much because of how you said, what each women wonders. Why do men obsess about what type of car they drive or want to drive?
Now I understand :)
I too feel that smaller or older cars, do not give the sufficient protection needed, when something unfortunate happens, like an inattentive driver. But, when there is not money for a bigger, newer or safer car, the older and smaller car have to do.

Victor e suas opiniões said...

Your car looks cool Mr. Paul ^^