Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Motherly Love

As devoted as I am to our girls I know it can't compare to the special bond that Jo has with them.

Being a mother with it's strong biological connection cannot possibly be replicated by the father. When the girls are in times of need it is the mother that they naturally go to who understands them better than anyone. I know I'm making generalisations but typically a mother will put her children ahead of anyone else including themselves.

When the children were young I was very much a hands on dad. I regularly played with them, gave them piggy backs and looked out for notes for the tooth fairy. With the passing of time and the girls growing into young adults our roles as parents have greatly changed. Jo as the chief organiser is highly involved in managing their schooling and extra curricular activities.

The girls do know that I care for them deeply and I take a great interest in their sport and their boyfriends. I must say they have made fantastic choices in both areas. They know I am there if they need someone to talk to and their mother is busy :)

Here are some early photos of the motherly bond between Jo and Kate. Sorry Alice but your turn will come when I find some early photos of you.

Click here to have a listen to Innocent Creatures that I wrote about being a parent!


Lea said...

Lovely photos! Is this the same house you are in now? I really like this song of yours!

Ellie said...

Lovely pictures.

blackhuff said...

I do agree. The bond between mother and child is much more stronger biological, than between father and child.
Love the photos.

Victor e suas opiniões said...

Lovely photos Mr. Paul :)

Paul said...

Glad you like the photos of Kate when she was young.