Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Wet Ride

On setting out this morning my intention was to ride 100km [60miles approx] with the Kapiti Cycling Club.

When I arrived at Coastlands our usual meeting place I discovered our typical group of 10+ was reduced to 2 including myself as the others were mostly competing in a cycle race. I decided to go with the slightly slower group who were heading for the hills.

What started as a fine day turned to a thick steady drizzle as I reached the top of the Akatarawas at 500 metre altitude [third of a mile].

As I descended the drenched and somewhat slippery road and soaked to the skin I quickly evaluated my scheduled ride. I decided with numb feet that I would wimp out of the long ride and settle for a steady ride home to complete 50km [30 miles].

Although a tad disappointed with myself, blame age catching up with me, I feel satisfied to have had a strong uphill training ride. I'm sure there will be sunnier days ahead.

Apologies for the gloomy photos but what you see is what I got. Most unpleasant conditions.

Top looking down the road to Upper Hutt

Top looking down the road I took back to Waikanae

Side view of the top


Lea White said...

So it wasn't just us who had rainy weather today. At least our activities were all indoors. Your ride doesn't sound very pleasant with the weather conditions!

Ellie said...

Oh nothing worse than drizzly weather. It totally soak you right through.
I think you did very well doing that cycle - I'll bet you were relieved when you were finished.

Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

My hubby and I use to ride our Tandem bike and we put many many miles on it. One thing I would not do is ride in the rain. It was too dangerous and hard enough without that rain.

You did a great job, don't put yourself down for doing 30 miles...that rocked!