Saturday, 28 April 2012

Harrier Opening Relay

This afternoon I competed in a 2 km relay called the Shaw Baton Relay. I am really pleased with my effort as I was the fastest in our team of over 40's at the age of 53. I also ran faster than I ran 4 years ago in a time of 7:37 over cross country, hurdles and through water jumps.

No pictures I'm afraid at this point but I have some videos that Lea said at a later date she would make stills from.

Here is a brief report from Mark, our Team Leader :-

Despite a bit of wet weather this morning, and a few last minute withdrawals, the (almost) two WHAC vets' teams enjoyed a fine afternoon out at Battle Hill.

Results were:

WHAC A:  Murray Peebles 7.43, Paul Forster 7.37 (15.21), Dave Mason 8.21 (23.42), Alan McCauley 8.18 (32.00), Peter Wood 8.22 (40.22) and Liam Healey 7.46 (48.09)

WHAC B: Phil Toye 9.10, Andrew McNeil 8.33 (17.44), Dean Patten 8.46 (26.42), Peter Reilly 10.47 (37.29), Paul Sharp 7.54 (45.23), Peebles Murray 7.52 (53.04)

We had some very good packing by the M50s runners so that bodes well for their build up to get gold in Nelson in October!

Special mention to Murray for running twice and to Paul Sharp who was just there watching his daughter and ran to help out the Bs despite having only run once in a about a month (what can you do when you are fit???) - And thanks also to Andrew M for lending Paul some gear to run in


Lea said...

Well done Paul. Wow, it is unreal how fast you are!!! We can certainly organise to get some stills from your videos :-)

Kay G. said...

Great job. If you can believe it, you can achieve it! You can train your body all that you can, but you must also have the right mindset. Good for you!

Ellie said...

Wow, I'm very impressed. What a great result - well done!!!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Age 53! Get outta here! Great running!