Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday Festivities

Today I'm celebrating  my 53rd birthday! So far I'm having a fabulous birthday if I ignore technical issues with getting this post done. Having trouble up-loading some of my photos for the day so will be doing in two instalments. That will help sort out tomorrow's post.

The day started with a 2 hour run just because that is what I do! On arrival home the girls were up and they presented me with the following

After breakfast I sat down with the girls and watched the was hilarious. Unfortunately Jo had to go to work.

While watching the movie the winter's firewood arrived and the girls helped me stack it in the car port.

In recent weeks I have been recording some of my old songs on to our overworked computer that is groaning under the strain.

Time for roasting up some peanuts that I enjoy with my more than occasional beers.

Alice suggested we should make pancakes and we both enjoyed them with golden syrup!

Due to time restraints I will give an up date tomorrow on the evening birthday celebrations. It was planned to have a barbecue but the weather has turned foul. Jo has a cake she baked this morning that she will ice when she gets home!


Lea said...

.............Happy Birthday Paul..........
Thought I'd give you some extra dots.......... ;-)

Looks like you had a great day today so far. Looking forward to the update tomorrow. You are becoming really creative in your photography!

Your girls are really talented - those are beautiful birthday cards!

LatteJunkie said...

Happy birthday to you!

Your day looks perfect, I hope tonight is as well!

May the 53rd year bring you all that you deserve in life :D


amanda said...

Happy birthday.May the year ahead be filled with blessings.

Sarah said...

Thought I'd come wish you Happy birthday here too Paul

Happy Birthday!!

I love the cards and pancakes, nice way to start the day!

and I LOVE Me, Myself and Irene...when he's broken his nose and you can hear it'whistling' as he talks, has me laughing sooo much every time! I don't know why, as it's not that funny, but something about it gets me!!

Anyway, I'm glad you've had a good day so far, it's a shame the weather has been so rubbish today, but a Jo-iced cake sounds very good and you can always have a belted BBQ :)

Happy Birthday again Paul :)

Sarah said...


Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Paul!!!
Sounds as if you have enjoyed your day so far.
Hope your evening turned out fine despite the weather.

Becky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul! I think you enjoyed the pancakes and syrup perhaps a bit more than Alice... BOY if looks could kill. LOL I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

affectionforfitness said...

Happy birthday Paul! It sounds like a perfect birthday. I'm really glad you put up the pictures of your cards, as they were unique and special--as you are! Obviously, you are loved. The rest is frosting on the cake.

:-) Marion

Buttons said...

Happy Birthday Paul you are very young :) I like cake hint hint. B

Paul said...

Actually Alice did like the was being photoed she wasn't so keen on! Anyway that's my story! Thank's for the good wishes!