Thursday, 8 December 2011

Waikanae Pool Fun Day

Last Friday the teachers and children of the Year 3 / 4 Syndicate of Waikanae School had a fun day at Waikanae Pool and at the Waikanae Park playground.

First the children had to check they had everything they needed for the day. They made sure they had food, drinks, hats and sunscreen before heading off on the bus to Waikanae Pool.

When the children arrived at the pool they assembled on the bank and the teachers made sure that children had sunscreen on.

Next the children entered the pool. They had a great time playing with floaties and each other.

After an hour and a half of free play time they got changed and ready to go to the playground to have their lunch.

They walked down to the playground, had their lunch and Mrs Williams gave them an ice block each.

The children had a marvellous time playing on swings, roundabouts and slides.

Finally it was time to take the bus back to school.

All the children had a great day out on a lovely spring day. They'd had an extremely busy term so it was fantastic for them to have some fun play time with their friends.


Lea said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! And it was such a nice warm day also!

Becky said...

This would NEVER happen here. I'm so glad the children there got to experience so a joyful day.

Becky said...

SUCH a joyful day - it is 3:45 AM here and I'm just waking up.

blackhuff said...

What a lovely day the kids had outside in the pool. Great stuff.