Thursday, 22 March 2012

Challenging Times

Dear readers I’ve had some difficult times of late!

The teaching profession can be quite draining at times. I am an extremely sensitive person and passionate about teaching. I can be a bit hard on myself and can sometimes have unrealistic expectations of others. Because I want the best for the children I teach I can get frustrated when they don’t take the opportunities presented to them.

I want to say thanks to my close friends and colleagues who have supported, listened and put up with me!

Here is a song that says that I am here for them if they need someone when feeling sad and alone!

                                                                   I'm Here For You

When nothing at all seems to go your way
If all your dreams turn gloomy and grey
And appears no-one cares at the end of the day
It's simply not true...I'm here for you

You say you're alone when pick up the phone
On the end of the line unanswered dial tones
If you feel your words are not listened to
It's certainly not true...I'm here for you

When you need a rescue rope 'cause you simply cannot cope
I'll pull you in from danger...give support and hope

As the hours drift slowly and drearily along
And the tune you sing is a mournful song
When you wonder if the future holds anything new
Indeed all can do as I'm here for you

If you struggle to find reason and rhyme
And the moves you make are out of sync...time
And people keep shifting direction signs
You'll come on through while I'm here with you



Lea said...

That's a great song that one Paul! One of your best I think.

I'm really sorry that you are going through a bit of a challenging time! Am here if you want a listening ear!

blackhuff said...

I'm really sorry to read that you have been experiencing some difficult times regarding teaching. I'm sure it can be and you have my sympathies.

Valerie said...

'When you need a rescue rope 'cause you simply cannot cope
I'll pull you in from danger...give support and hope'

Wonderfully reassuring words. Loved the song, I hope people are there for you when you need them.

Kay G. said...

You must be a very good, caring teacher. Anyone who would write a song like this proves it.
You can't do everything. Children have to be taught first by their parents and if they are not that interested in learning, it makes it almost impossible for teachers. Please notice I said "almost"!
"Dream The Impossible Dream" is a song that I really like.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

One of the best things about writing a blog is that you can share your feelings in this way. You have a friend here Paul.
The song is beautiful. I love the words. I have just sung it to myself using Am and Em chords, and putting a slightly different tune to it. Hope you don't mind. I would like your permission to sing it at the next open mic night I go to.

Ellie said...

Lovely heartfelt words to your song
I'm sorry to hear you are having a difficult time at the moment. Hope everything falls into place for you soon.
I think you have a lot of friends on the blog.

Sarah said...

Paul, you really are an amazing teacher, I've not actually seen you teach and I can tell! My one guitar lesson told me that!! I really do mean it when you remind me of a teacher I hold in very high regard. I still vividly remember so much from her classes, such as the exact books we read and the science table where we got to see how an apple rots! but most of all it's her passion for learning and support that has stuck....know that it will get through to so many of the kids who are lucky enough to encounter your teaching...even if they don't quite show it at the time!!

We can all be too hard on ourselves sometimes, that's what friends and colleagues are for, to help you take that step back and take stock of what you've really achieved and remind you to make sure you look after you too :)

and that song, it's very resonating, up there with Lea's This Little Girl of Mine :) I need to download them, so I can have them on replay!..more people need to hear it, I'd so listen to 'Don't unplug the hub's' rendition of it :)

Sarah said...

Don't unplug *your* hub ...sorry!! Where will you be playing, let me guess, way out of the country!!! I'll just find myself a boat!

Oh and Paul, as you probably know by now, I tend to write mini essay's as my comments-sorry about that-old habits die hard!! My GCSE English teacher was forever telling me that he loved my work, but it always took him the whole night to get through just mine, whilst he got through quite a few of the rest of my classes work the night before!!
(see, even that isn't short!!)

Buttons said...

Paul you are truly gifted. Everyone feels this way now and then it is good you have an outlet in your beautiful music. Take care hug:) B

affectionforfitness said...

Yes, teaching is a very sensitive profession for people who really care. Teachers are not the only factor of success for children, but they tend to blame themselves overly much if a child is not responding as well as possible.

I personally think that parental guidance makes a super huge difference. My kids do great in school, regardless of having a good teacher or ones that are otherwise.

:-) Marion