Thursday, 29 September 2011

Teaching the guitar

Every Wednesday this year I have been teaching the guitar to a group of children at school. Most of them came to me with no previous experience of playing a musical instrument. They have found it quite challenging but rewarding. We have had a lot of fun playing together and I'm really impressed with the progress they've made. So much so that our group will be performing at our school assembly next week.

One of the girls will be singing a solo to one of my original songs Fruits of Labour.  Here you can listen to my performance of Fruits of Labour.

Other songs we will be playing are El Condor Pasa [Simon and Garfunkel] and Love Vigilantes by New Order. I am extremely proud of this group because they have worked hard. I have admired their stickability as anyone who has tried to learn a musical instrument will know how difficult it is.

Would love to hear from you about your experiences learning a musical instrument!

Here is a photo of Lea's daughter Bianca having a lesson on rhythm and changing chords.


Lea White said...

When I was at school (Year 6 I think) I played the triangle when my class performed This Old Man at some or the other event. :-)

My only experience learning a music instrument has been trying to teach myself the recorder. Am quite proud that I can play a few tunes and to some extend read the music for them. One of my goals I have set is to try and learn another music instrument so am busy investigating options.

Sarah said...

El Condor Pasa...could listen to Simon and Garfunkel all day. One of my other favourites is Homeward Bound...'ticket and guitar in hand' :)

Lea, I taught myself to play the recorder, back when I was at Infant School, keep at it and you'll master it :) and I'll definitely bring my Flute over so you can see what you think of that :)

Paul: I also learnt to play the Trumpet and Cornet at secondary school, and my sister had a saxaphone at one point, which I started to learn the basics for (helped a little through the recorder and flute) but would love to continue with that....guitar and piano....I've been meaning to get started properly on both for quite a while...and am finally looking to purchase a guitar...which I am so happy about.

Perhaps I can book some beginning lessons with you! Or Bianca, I bet she could teach me the basics :)My dad used to play when I was very young, grew up with Bob Dylan on the guitar...still have such vivid pictures in my mind when I think of his songs, especially Tambourine Man.

Which day next week is the assembly? Is it one family and friends can attend? Either way, enjoy :) I'm sure your audience will :)

In the words of Albus Dumbledore - "Ah, music! A magic beyond all we do here"

blackhuff said...

I never had the opportunity to learn a musical instrument because of poverty and it is also not something that my children are interested in doing. My hubby wants to learn how to play the guitar. I think I should get him one and pay for some guitar lessons.
Love the video you posted and the photo of Lea's daughter.

Anonymous said...

if you read the first page on this blog you will notice that a girl sung a solo I am that girl Tilly and I am proud to be.I have always done music it started off at my kindergarden. paul well he is known to me as Mr forster didn't just teach me guitar he taught me the love and beauty of music all I am trying to say is thank you.

Bianca Glossary Queen said...

I absolutely love your songs. You are my favourite teacher
and singer.

Paul said...

Hi Bianca Glossary Queen
You are what you say you are the Queen of Glossary without any doubt. You are one of my favourite all time students and one of the smartest Year 3 girls ever! Thankyou for commenting on my blog.