Monday, 30 January 2012

Wiggle Athlete Search

Lea made an innocent comment that I might like to consider entering the 2012 Wiggle Athlete Search competition. With this competition Wiggle (and no it is not the Wiggles...) is hoping to find keen athletes to help them promote their brand. In exchange they'll offer the winner some neat prizes.

Today Lea and I met so we could plan the entry and so Lea took a few photos of me in action.

I'm quite excited about the project and will share the video clip we plan to submit with you once it is done! Watch this space!


Lea said...

A great new project for us to work on :-). Am glad that you are entering the competition!

blackhuff said...

Great photo of you taken by Lea.
Good luck with everything regarding this race.

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Nice photo of your, well done Lea!

Paul said...

Hi Victor
Glad you like my action photo. You'll find out and see more when the new project is done! Hope you are still able to get out running as Kate is really fit at the moment and needs a running buddy for later in the year!