Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spooky Shadows

Have been flicking through the lyrics of my 300 songs I've written that Lea has kindly typed up for me.

I came across Spooky Shadows that I wrote when the children were early school age. The lyrics express the comfort and reassurance you give your children to settle them down when they are anxious or upset. It is wonderful to have that parental role and to be there for them when they especially need you.
As adults, or is it mainly men, we generally are not so able to be there for others as we get caught up in our busy worlds. I'm sure women are far better at relating to each other and us males put up barriers in fear of being regarded as weak. Of course women like their men to be strong but I know they also like to see the softer side.

What softer side of a male would my female readers like to see or do see in their man?

Here are the lyrics of my poem / song Spooky Shadows that the children in my class like to sing.

Spooky Shadows

Spooky shadows creep across the walls
Can I have the light on in the hall?
It's too dark and scary...can't see at all
If any night creatures are coming to call

Please can I come in your bed?
Hiding under covers...I'm so scared

A howling wind outside blows loud
Branches on my window make creeking sounds
Rain pours down...pounding the ground
Strange noises and voices are all around


I'll be no trouble...go straight to sleep
Out of me...won't hear a peep
Drifting deep while counting sheep
As over meadows I watch them leap


Will be so still...won't know I'm there
Not a sound will you hear
As quiet as a mouse...a slumbering bear
Out like a light as a tired deer



Lea said...

A lovely song you've written. You definitely have a talent when it comes to putting words together to make a song!

Ellie said...

Yes I can definately relate to the words in your song both as a mum and as a child. I was always scared of the dark when I was wee.