Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Future Star

I would like to introduce someone who I believe has great prospects for the future.

I got to know Tilly when I taught her last year as a year 3 student. She was a bright young girl who showed lots of promise academically and musically.

Last year Tilly was in my guitar group and singing group. I saw in her someone who shared a passion for music like myself but just needed to build up her self confidence. I recall a quiet shy girl singing and playing the guitar at the Waikanae School Junior Talent Show. She struggled at the time as it was a new experience to perform in front of an audience.

What a transformation this year! She once again joined my guitar group. As we played and sang during our Wednesday guitar lessons it became quickly apparent what a lovely sweet and true voice she had. So much so that I handed over the microphone to her to take the major vocals.

Over the last 2 months with my encouragement I have been seeing this reserved young talent blossom into a more confident and mature performer.

Last week she performed at our School Assembly and has just recorded 2 of my songs at school.

Please take the time to listen to Tilly performing 2 of my original songs which you can view here and here! I'm sure you will be impressed as I am!  Here is a little video clip you can watch:

I will have limited computer access over the next few days, but will be back in action next week!  Catch up soon!


Lea White said...

Tilly has such a beautiful voice! And how lucky to have somebody willing to help her develop her talent!

Ellie said...

Have you discovered a future talent do you think? Tilly has a lovely voice.
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