Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunny Sunday

Yes folks it's official, the sun has come to Kapiti. I think we have Kevin and Ruth to thank for that as they said they would send some from Mexico. Apparently they have an over abundance of it.

A hectic week of work and very little play has made me a rather dull boy.

However today has been one out of the box.

It started with a trip to Otaki for their annual triathlon. Alice our youngest won the race again this year outright in the women's section at the tender age of 15. A full report will be given when I can work on the computer without Alice around to forbid it happening.

I had a pleasant ride home with a gentle tail wind. After mending a few tyre tubes that I had neglected for a few weeks Jo and I decided to walk down to our local for a well needed drink.

Raumati Beach Village

Marine Gardens and Miniature Railway


Speights Old Dark went down a treat

Waterfront view over Kapiti Island

Walk home to Raumati South

A taste of Mexico


Lea said...

Congrats on Alice's achievement! You're getting good with your photos! Have not been to Raumati Beach, looks like a nice beach.

Ellie said...

Well done Alice. Your area of the world looks lovely.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Glad that we could help out with the weather. We didn't use the post so that you could get it faster and we still have our sunshine here. Told you we had plenty!

Congratulations to Alice on coming in first in the race.

Kevin and Ruth