Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday Time Trial

Kapiti Cycling Club had their 12 km [7 mile] Time Trial from Waikanae Beach to Peka Peka tonight!

I was really happy that Alice decided to join the ride after having come off her bike end of last year in her last venture with the KCC.

My main goal was to improve my time from last year and obviously not be embarrassed by being beaten by my daughter. Alice is a strong Triathlete with her best discipline being cycling so I knew I would have to ride hard.

I was happy to improve on last year and Alice had a strong ride to finish first woman!

Here are some photos of the event!

Alice and Jo in the background awaiting the start!

First cyclists awaiting their start.

Alice starting on 14 minutes!

Click here for the results from tonight's race!


Lea White said...

Well done to both you and Alice! You both did really well. You are both really fast! I bet it was really nice for you to have Alice join you tonight! The photos are great!

blackhuff said...

Well done to you both. Love the photos and glad you enjoyed the event so much.

Don't unplug your hub said...

Congratulations to you both. You didn't say whether you beat Alice. Far too magnanimous if you ask me!

Buttons said...

Way to go Alice. B

Buttons said...

You too Paul and Jo:) B