Tuesday, 18 October 2011


How often do you find yourself looking into the future and not living in the moment?

My wife has recently read about the importance of mindfulness or 'living in the moment'. I have been guilty in the past of either looking back to the past or looking to the future and not appreciating the here and now.

How often when travelling do you think about what you will do there but not enjoy the getting there?

I left Dunedin under heavy cloud in thick drizzle. On my flight I listened to John Denver on my i pod and appreciated having time to myself to enjoy the trip. Way above the clouds it was an awesome experience looking down over the fluffy pillow below and taking in the land and sea when the clouds dissipated.

I arrived to sunshine in Wellington and after a bus to the city enjoyed a pleasant train journey along the Kapiti Coast to my home in Raumati South.

I think for the future 'Mindfulness' will be my mantra where I will try and enjoy all of the journey and not just the getting to the destination. I know I have wasted too much time not being in the moment and not celebrating all of what life brings! Here is a poem / song I wrote that reflects 'living in the moment'.

Feel the Rhythm

Don't let those mean spirited get you down
There's beauty all around you...pleasures to be found
You have the power and the glory is yours
Challenges up ahead...set your course

Feel the rhythm let your body move
Dance and be happy what's there to lose

What reason could there possibly be
To be down hearted or unhappy
When there's a great big world ready to explore
Get out there...search for more

Life is too short we all well know
Get yourself going don't be a no show
There's a break in the weather sun's peeking through
So much to see...lots to do


Lea said...

John Denver's Annie's Song brings back memories and one I'm hoping to learn on the recorder soon.

Great mantra. Like they say "yesterday's gone and will never come back, tomorrow may never arrive, but today is a gift and that's why we call it the present".

Great poem / song - did you just write it today or is it one of the ones you did before?

amanda said...

So true! Thanks for this reminder...it's so easy to forget to enjoy the "here and now"

Kevin and Ruth said...

We have always enjoyed the jounery of getting to our destination. I can't understand these people who want to rush through and never take time to smell the roses!

Kevin and Ruth

Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

What a wonderful poem!!! You are absolutely right. On my trip to Florida 2 weeks ago all I could think about was getting there until I was up above the clouds looking out at God's country. It was breathtaking, not to mention the beaches I saw!

Great post!

Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

Thanks for linking to me too! :)

George said...

'Feel the Rhythm' does a wonderful job of describing the joy that can be found by enjoying (living in) the moment. Thank you.

blackhuff said...

Such a great poem.
I too catch myself numerous times, not living in the moment. I think it's a flaw of humans.

George and Suzie Yates said...

Living for the moment is the way to go, we have no real destination, just enjoying the journey as we go, makes for a great lifestyle. The past is history we can learn from it, the future will evolve and the present is a present to enjoy life.