Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Our girls had a fantastic start in their educational life by attending Raumati South School, a mere 400 metres from our front gate. Both Kate and Alice had numerous opportunities to excel! I am extremely grateful to the teachers and the principal who made primary school for them a most positive learning experience.

These photos were taken on my run recently.


Lea said...

This was one of the schools I considered for Bianca when we moved here, but there were no rental there at the time. I hindsight glad we came to Waikanae instead because it meant she had a chance to have you as her teacher!

Lea said...

Urgh, not very good with my typing tonight - "there were no rentals there..." and "In hindsight..."

blackhuff said...

Cloudy weather you're having that side - here it is sunny and HOT.
Great photos.