Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rolling Hills 2

Continuing the theme of music in the Forster family during our growing up years! When I was 11 and my sister Margaret was 8 my mum made a decision that I am extremely thankful for! She thought it was important that she had a professional recording done of us for posterity sake. Now on listening to these recordings I have a real appreciation of the gift that Margaret and I had. I am really happy to be able to share these sound clips. Would love to have some feedback! I am personally in awe of how Margaret and I could at such a young age put difficult harmonies together in such a true fashion! The last sound clip is the only sound clip I have of my mum. It was done unofficially in the Mayfair Theatre and unfortunately the sound quality is not great!

Click here to listen to Paul and Margaret singing Dream Seller

Click here to listen to Paul singing Smugglers Song

Click here to listen to Paul singing Bonnie Wee Thing

Click here to listen to Paul singing Five Eyes

Click here to listen to our mum, Noeline singing Euridice


Lea said...

Amazing voices! All 3 of you! A real shame YouTube wasn't around then! And to think you were only 11!!!!

blackhuff said...

Agree with Lea. Beautiful voices.