Friday, 27 April 2012

Humbling Experience

I knew it would be hard but I was totally unprepared for how big the challenge would be!

As a competitive runner and cyclist my first swimming lesson ever was certainly much harder than I could have imagined!

To the observor the drills would have looked innocuous but for me co-ordinating various parts of my body in an unfamiliar manner proved highly complex and extremely frustrating. Unfortunately I have taught myself bad technique for the last 10 years and this evening I asked my body to completely change what it was used to.

I decided to take swimming lessons in the hope that one day I might compete in a triathlon and who knows possibly an Ironman much further down the track.

Thanks Lea for the support, help and encouragement you gave this evening as you saw me battle with implementing the drills and overcoming my mental obstacles.

As commonly known there is No Gain Without Pain so I suppose I need to embrace the pain as I'm sure it must get easier with time and application!


Lea said...

You are welcome Paul. That's what's nice about the sessions we all support and encourage each other :-). I know the beginning is always the hardest, but before you know it you will get there! At one point you'll look back and see just how far you've come. You did well tonight and it was great having you part of our group :-)

Buttons said...

All the best Paul I have no doubt about your abilities. B

Kevin and Ruth said...

Good luck with the swimming lessons. I think I am like you, I can swim but I have no technique. I too, would need swimming lessons. I think it is amazing how some of these swimmers just glide through the water with what looks like no effort at all.

Don't forget to vote for us,

Kevin and Ruth

Kay G. said...

Hang in there, Paul!
You know you can do it!