Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Living on the Kapiti Coast

Nearing the end of my final year of Teacher Training in Dunedin I applied for about 80 teaching positions. The only successful application was for an interview at a Porirua Intermediate School.

The school flew me up and I was fortunate to have an excellent interview. On arriving back in Dunedin later that day I received a call informing me I had won the position.

It was a challenging and rewarding time at the school and a complete culture shock. The roll consisted predominately of Samoan children. I loved the cutural flavour and the Powhiris welcoming visitors to the school.

After 3 years I decided to apply for teaching positions with younger children that resulted in getting offered a permanent teaching job at Waikanae School in a Year 5/6 class. The school was looking for a teacher with interest in music and thankfully I have had many opportunities to share my skills.

Since coming up north from Dunedin we had been living in Whitby. With starting at Waikanae School I found after 6 months the commuting in a car pool to be inconvenient. We decided that the Kapiti Coast could be a better place to live for a young family and happily we found a home for ourselves on the Kapiti Coast.

Raumati South became our place of choice reasonably close to the beach and the local Raumati Swimming Club down the road.

Raumati South School was within 400 metres and now the girls are at Kapiti College it is merely walking distance away.

We have found Raumati South a wonderful area to bring up the girls with it's relaxed life style and sporting opportunities.

Coming from Dunedin I appreciate the more temperate climate and living near the ocean is refreshing in the summer. Enjoying the outdoors as we do I can't imagine a better place to live a healthy contented life.

My strong bond with my new home is reflected in my song titled Kapiti.

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Lea White said...

We enjoy living on the Kapiti Coast too!