Friday, 7 October 2011

On my mind

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This is on my mind:

Had great pleasure having my guitar group perform at Assembly yesterday. I was really proud of them because three of the children have only been playing for a few months.

Many teachers commented on how well the children did.

As a teacher I thrive on giving children new experiences and opportunities to express and find themselves.

As a young kid I was given those opportunities in music that have moulded and help shape my life.

I thank my mum for giving me that start in life. Click here for more about my teaching the guitar.

Here is a picture of me and one of my students, Tilly performing.


Lea White said...

Was so cool to see the group perform and loved listening to Tilly sing your song!

blackhuff said...

Great picture and I can see how you take pride in what you are doing with the kids. Great Paul.

Bears Fan said...

Really neat! Glad to see kids learning music. My older son took baritone horn in band last year, and my youngest daughter is trying her hand at the alto sax. Love hearing the kids perform. Keep up the great work.