Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pirates and Fairies

Today Lea, Bianca and myself dressed up and visited Wellington Children's Hospital. Lea had us all organised in fairy and pirate costumes. I was the pirate in case you're wondering.

We visited Ward 18 armed with goodies and guitar and entertained some kids in the common area.  After playing You're Not Eating Me, my picture book song and several verses of Old McDonald we were asked to go to the paediatric oncology daystay area. There one of the little oncology patients was getting some of her treatment. The paediatric oncology daystay area is part of ward 18.

Bianca had a few years ago been in Ward 18 and was today wearing her beads of courage. The beads represented the many and varied treatments she'd had to fight her leukemia. I felt priveleged to be there to give some pleasure to the young children who were going through a lot of pain and discomfort.

Lea gave out some copies of my book and Bianca gave out stickers and balloons.

Here are some photos of our visit.

Paediatric Oncology day stay area - Ward 18


Lea White said...

I posted just a few minutes after you tonight :-) It was great to have you there today and your singing / guitar playing made the day even more special!

Hayley said...

Such an awesome thing for you guys to do.

amanda said...

What can I say? What you did today is a stunning example of "being the difference" the world needs! So proud of you all.

Buttons said...

That is awesome. I am sure the kids enjoyed it immensely. That is such a great thing. You are both to be admired. B

Sarah said...

Paul.....one word....inspirational :) I'm so glad you could all go ahead with this plan, I can just imagine how happy all the kids were :) I love the video clips...not sure I've ever seen a pirate with a better singing voice!! Might just have to book this pirate in again :)

Battle of Life-I love the lyrics for this...have been singing it ever since Lea introduced me to it.