Wednesday, 14 March 2012

School Year Starts

Yes I know I'm a little bit late with this but I thought I would include this poem / song anyway for fun!

The start of the year is always full on getting routines set and letting children know and getting them to follow through my expectations. It is a battle at times but most children are getting up to speed!

As a teacher I like to dialogue with the children as much as possible. I regularly ask them how they think they are going and I ask them to reflect on where they think they need to go to. Although they are only  6 and 7 years old they articulate extremely well how they feel about school!

I asked them the other day how they are now compared to the first day of this year. I'm happy to say they expressed positive feelings about me as their teacher and what we do in class!

School Year Starts I wrote about 8 years ago from the child's perspective!

School Year Starts

Nervous children waiting scared
Will he be grouchy...normal...weird?
Tales been told...many rumours spread
Lined up...quick march...into class we head

The school year we go again
Laden with books...pencils and pens

Unknown faces surround me stare
What a freak out...let me outa here
I wish I was invisible...a place to hide...where?
In library corner...under desk or chair


Crawl up in a ball...oh so small
Teacher towers mighty tall
From a book children's names she calls


Morning tea bell rings long and loud
I grab my sammies and walk out proud
No longer a stranger in a crowd
Have made new friends...hope the day never ends

Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be
Feeling excited...relaxed...happy


Lea said...

I am most definitely not surprised that you are getting the positive feedback! It is well deserved too because you are a wonderful teacher as we've experienced when Bianca was in your class.

That poem / song is such a lovely one you wrote!

blackhuff said...

I like this song.

Buttons said...

Oh Paul this song made me remember exactly how it used to feel. That is truly the goal of an excellent song. Great job. B

Ellie said...

Your song takes me back to my school days and the nervous feeling I used to get.
I can't even imagine the children in your class not liking you :)