Saturday, 8 October 2011

Whew, what a relief!

The end of term! Two week's holiday! Yay! Had an enjoyable sociable wind down after school with the other teachers.

Feel quite drained from the hectic last few weeks with production and testing!

All classes had to produce a panel that reflected who we are, where we're going and what school means to us.

We decided on a space theme as we travel on our voyage to the stars. On the way we travel past the planets of learning that help us reach our destination.

Hope you like our representation of that journey!


Lea White said...

I really like the panel! Saw that you got the link to the Youtube video I sent :-)

amanda said...

This is very beautiful and descriptive. The message is clear and the panel is colourful. Just love it. I am sure the class can easily relate to this and see "the bigger picture" in reaching goals etc... Well done