Monday, 24 October 2011

Beach Life

When our family moved up to the Kapiti Coast to be close to my work one of the biggest draw cards was being next to the ocean. Our home is situated 400 metres from the sea and since moving to Raumati South 15 years ago the beach has been prominent in our leisure activities.

Whether it is swimming in the summer or running along the sand and over the dunes we have enjoyed living on the coast. The sea smells and refreshing breeze invigourates the spirit.

Due to a lingering cold I decided to go for a walk with my camera and take some shots of the beach area.

Here is some of what I saw!

North towards Raumati Beach

Looking out to Kapiti Island

Looking South to Paekakariki

A grand looking mussel shell I'm told

Heading off the beach to the Raumati South Esplanade

Colourful Beach House


Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

While at Florida a few weeks ago, I was just in love with that environment. The water, the sun, the beaches the sounds, the smells. What I cam to discover is I appreciated it more a place to visit, not a place for me to live. I need places like that to get away once a year or every other, to escape real life.

Very pretty pictures, I am sure you love it there. :)

Ellie said...

It looks like a beautiful place to stay. :)

Lea said...

The Kapiti Coast sure is a beautiful place to live! I love our view of Kapiti Island. You're very lucky to be that close to the beach!

Great photos Paul!

Sarah said...

Perfect post Paul! My mum's sister and her husband are with us, as of yesterday and we're hoping to show them around Kapiti we love living here too. Technically I don't but I'm always back here! They've already commented on how stunning it is, and loved the journey up from Wellington, especially along Centennial Highway :)

blackhuff said...

I like the photos that you have shared with us here. Living at the sea sounds great.

Buttons said...

These are beautiful Paul. I would so love to visit here. The first photo is my favourite. I can picture myself walking alone this beach with a big smile taking my time enjoying every piece of glass and driftwood. Absolutely beautiful photos. B

Megan said...

Gorgeous! I'm so envious of people who live by the beach, it must be amazing to be able to see such sights all the time!