Sunday, 9 October 2011

Is it a healthy obsession?

I was talking to a rugby league friend last night about the merits of rugby and league.

It would be true to say that we both are among a small minority who doesn't get too wound up in the success or God Forbid failure of the All Blacks.

I am a passionate sports follower and patriotic kiwi but I personally feel that the continual hype around the All Blacks is beyond a healthy addiction. Obviously I want them to win but my world won't fall apart if they don't.

New Zealand as a small nation punches well above it's weight in the sports arena and we have had and continue to have world class athletes in many and varied sports.

Along with following the Warriors in the NRL league competition I am passionate about the Black Caps cricket team and take it hard when our teams lose. I know that's sport and take the bad with the good. I know it gives kiwis a great sense of national pride when we do well but in reality it is merely sport and the results shouldn't be taken too seriously.

I would like to see New Zealanders and the media embrace other sports on a more equal basis. I would like to see us celebrate our successes in all sports. Particularly I would like to see women's sport promoted more in the media so there is a balance across the genders. We owe it to our women to value their involvement in sport. We need to use our successful sport's women as role models so that our country embraces the importance of sport for women in their participation for the health of the nation.

I've digressed! Back to more pressing and somewhat depressing matters! We've lost one of the world's best players. We're now at the knock out stage and can't afford any slip ups. For our well being let's hope and pray that the Mighty Blacks get their hands on the Rugby World Cup or the country will be in mourning for another four years.


Lea White said...

I think I'm with you there Paul! I once had a friend who got really upset with me because I didn't feel as strongly as she did about rugby. I don't think it is just New Zealand who get completely obsessed about their sport, I've come across many South Africans who simply can't understand why we are not as obsessed as they are and have even been accused of being traitors because we didn't specifically support the Springboks. Sure, it is fun to watch, but I certainly don't believe the world comes to an end each time a match is lost :-). And you are right, it would be good if other sports got a bit more coverage too!

blackhuff said...

Paul, here in South Africa, Rugby & Cricket is also an obsession and everyone is more enthusiastic about it than any other sport. I think it have a lot to do about culture and also news coverage. I too would love to see more coverage on other sport types.

Hayley said...

Yip, its pretty much the same here in South Africa. But its spread across rugby, soccer and cricket. But the sports channels (and there are many), cover a wide variety of sport...we are a sports made country :-)
Sports tho, has done an incredible job in uniting our country...