Monday, 12 March 2012

Weary Weekend

What a big weekend!

Left home early Saturday morning with my coach, Bob and a few members of the Kapiti Cycling Club for a big weekend of racing in the Hawkes Bay.

The Saturday afternoon race was 84 km [52 miles] over the course for the nationals in a few weeks. It was a gruelling race with riders 10 years my junior. I survived the first lap of 3 but found the going a bit too tough. I battled through the last 2 laps and although it wasn't pretty I am pleased with myself for finishing with respectability. I managed 2 hours 29 minutes for the hilly course.

Discussing the day's racing and telling a few stories

Saturday night we ate at the Dannevirke RSA. The best deal I've ever had! A burger with everything and chips for $8. Just what the team needed and a beer to wash it down.

The boys and coach enjoyed their meal and wind down after a hard race

The next day it was a 110 km Fun Ride which was all competition. I am amazed that I got through it so well considering how tired I was after Saturday's ride. I finished the race in 40th place out of over 200 in 2 hours 51 minutes with an average speed of over 37 km per hour [23 miles].

The team [ Left - Right Bryan, Charles and Findlay]

Nervously awaiting the start

The cold beers awaiting at the finish line were greatly enjoyed as the event was held from the Tui Brewery.

Although tiring I learnt a lot about racing and will be better off next time for the experience.


Lea said...

Great photos! And nice to see one of you there too! Well done on your race Paul. You did great! One question though - why do they call it a Fun Ride? It is 110km!!! In my world you don't put Fun and 110Km bike ride in the same sentence :-)

blackhuff said...

Such a great weekend you had and well done on the ride you had this past weekend.
Did you ever consider competing in the Cape Argus?

Ellie said...

My goodness I feel exhausted just reading that. Well done on your great times. I agree with Lea with what she says about a 'fun ride'. :))

amanda said...

Well done Paul!
Please remind me to buy a NZ dictionary because my SA one has different meanings for fun and torture! {one less item to new language to learn}
Here we have a very descriptive word which is very versatile...EISH!

LatteJunkie said...

Wow! Well done!

You deserve to be proud of yourself and I hope your class is taking it easy on you.

I agree with the suggestion of the Cape Argus... It's an epic cycle... Never done it but have been one of the people picking up bits of bike at the bottom of hills and cliffs :P