Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Final Tuesday Night Race

With the days becoming shorter it was decided to reduce the Tuesday night race to 8 laps not 10. Total distance was 27 km [17 miles]. I finished in 42 :15 with an average speed of 38 km [24 miles] per hour.

I have found these races a killer as there are regular power surges that require grit and determination to hold on. As the oldest in my group I find it extra challenging. Thankfully I held on until the last 2 minutes of the race and was outkicked by the younger members.

It has been a successful season for me having gone to the second fastest group. Although nerve wracking at times it has been satisfying to see my improving speed and I have learnt a lot about racing.

Will continue over the winter months in my build up to the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge in November!

Click here for tonight's results!

Taken at a recent Tuesday Night Race


Lea said...

Great result Paul! I cannot even begin to imagine going at an average speed of 38km per hour. What does that make your maximum?

Great photo!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Well done! Last week I was doing 30mph in my car, and just could not get past a cyclist doing the same speed. Incredible!
Sounds like a dangerous sport cycling.
Ps. It was a thirty mph limit.

blackhuff said...

Well done, Paul! Like you say, being the oldest in your group, you have done so well in this past season going to the second fastest group. WELL DONE!
Yes, days are becoming shorter here as well :( Not looking forward to Winter but I too will keep training right through the cold months to come.

Valerie said...

Well done. The first mile would've killed me.