Thursday, 8 March 2012


Kate had her first swim in the National Age Group Championships today in Wellington at Kilbirnie Pool. She swam in the 17 - 18 200m breaststroke heats this morning and qualified for the final tonight.

She has just finished her finals swim and improved by 2 seconds on this morning's swim for 6th place.

We are extremely proud of both our girls in their sporting achievements!

Kate has been competing nationally for the last 8 years and it would seem her swimming career is drawing to a close or at least on hold with her going to Uni. Following her improvements and successes over the years has been a joy!

Alice was to have competed in the Wellington Secondary Schools triathlon today but it was postponed due to the southerly passing through making the sea too cold. We are enjoying seeing Alice competing in her chosen sport and it was marvellous to see her effort in the cycling time trial on Tuesday! She has a real talent for cycling and I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a sport she pursues more in the future.

Here is the link for Kate's 200m breaststroke final result!

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Lea said...

Well done to Kate! A shame Alice's tri got cancelled. Your girls are doing really well!