Thursday, 15 March 2012

Special Treat

Here is a light hearted look at some tricks that might be used as a parent of young children to get them to eat. It is not auto-biographical! I hope that is a word. I don’t recommend this kind of blackmail really but it seemed at the time I wrote this poem / song a light hearted look at the trickery some adults might use in times of desperation. I know I have some tricks of my own but I better keep that under lock and key. Honestly I haven’t done anything bad that I'm able to confess to. I think I better stop there in case I incriminate myself. Oh no I’m sounding more like John the deeper I go with this. If only I could be half as witty. Apologies for my ramblings! Anyway here goes a little ditty called Special Treat!

Special Treat

Lots of vegies still to eat
If you want that special treat
No chocolate or biscuits 'til you finish your plate
You might even get ice-cream and cake

Sit down and stay in your seat
Only good girls get special treats
Meat and greens will make you strong
Healthy mind...strengthen bones

You've had very little it's losing its heat
Be quick if you're after a special treat
Tomato sauce can get for you
Squeeze it over your vegetable stew

Almost have it nearly beat
A few more mouthfuls for a special treat
Down the hatch clever girl
You now can have that raspberry swirl

Do you have any tricks to convince your young children they should eat what's good for them?


LatteJunkie said...

We only used a few gimmicks with Monkey.

One was the promise of blueberries after dinner. The other was frozen peas with every meal and the last hummus with most meals.

Now he's more interested in what every food does for his body so we just tell him and he eats it without too much drama.

Lea said...

We don't really use any tricks as far as eating is concerned at the moment. We did when the kids were younger and more so when Bianca was sick and really struggled with her appetite.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do :-)

blackhuff said...

I tell my youngest now, that if she does not eat her food, that she her muscles can't grow for the ballet she does. That usually helps.

Don't unplug your hub said...

After a childhood being literally force fed if I didn't like something, I have never made my children eat something they didn't want to. They never went hungry, and grew healthily. My EHS George now studies sport at college, and he tells me what I should be eating.