Monday, 26 March 2012

Sweat and Strain

Here is a light-hearted poem / song I wrote 10 years ago dedicated to the pursuit of eternal life!

As some of my readers have mentioned in their comments of recent times there are lots of excuses to be found to avoid the dreaded E word. There is always tomorrow but of course tomorrow never comes.

Hope these words inspire some of you out there who have been somewhat inactive over the years to make today the day that it all changes. Let today be the start of a new life of looking after yourself for a better you.

Sweat And Strain

Pump that iron...sweat and strain
Body gain
You're looking good, you've made the grade
A great new you...expenses paid

Get off that sofa...don't turn to flab
A couch potato...tardy and drab
Move those muscles there's work to do
To combat years neglecting you


How could this happen?...what chances lost?
An image forgotten at such great cost
But don't feel gloomy...there's time to find
A strength...real body and mind


The world is full of excuses that stall
The plans and thoughts and diminish the will
It's all a breeze in comfort and ease
Luxurious leisure more able to please


The vows once pledged have faded and died
The rat race swallowing time and pride
Friends behind have the know how
No time like the must be now



Lea White said...

Did you ever record this one? I remember the words from when I typed it all up.

I was good today and did more than my fair share of exercise. I'm sure enough to last me the rest of the week ;-)

Ellie said...

Well Paul, I did it. This morning my pal and I went for a walk for an hour at 7.30am. Really enjoyed it actually. We had a blether and the time passed really quickly. Feeling better for it already :)).
So thanks for giving me the incentive to get moving.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

I'm grateful I am still fit enough to go for a walk. So is Sadie the German Shepherd!

Buttons said...

Paul I love this song it really makes one think. It is a great song.
I popped over to listen to John singing it it is awesome. You are so very talented Paul. You know how to put your soul to music I am very impressed. Keep up the good work songwriters with your passion are rare. B