Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Struggle

As my readers know I am a highly competitive person and I'm finding the cycling game quite a challenge and a reality check.

I am superbly fit but when it comes to cycling it is so much more than fitness. Tactics and good management count for more than your level of fitness.

Today I competed in the Kapiti Cycle Challenge that I train on regularly. A couple of months ago I did a time trial with my riding friend, Bryan which I did a post on here.

It was a day of mixed fortunes though finishing on something of a downer with a puncture about half way through the race. I lost 10 minutes and had to work my way up the field again.

Never mind that's racing. I need to be philosophical! I really enjoy cycling but I should look at utilising my running strength combined with cycling and do more triathlons. Lea has 99% convinced me that I should take swimming lessons so that I can also compete in Triathlons and compete against Alice our 15 year old daughter who is really good for her age.

Feeling a little despondent I thought I'd drag up again what I think is one of my better songs with a great message. Here are the words to Be Your Best followed by a You Tube clip that Lea put together for me.

Ultimately the best we can do is to Be Your Best and Don't Worry About The Rest!

Be Your Best

Meet all challenges don’t hold back
Do with drive if skill you lack
Even when they try to bring you down
Smile at them sweetly instead of a frown

When hurdles and obstacles get in the way
And silver linings have merely turned to grey
If you stumble and stutter with right words to say
Take heart remember tomorrow’s another day

Be your best don’t worry about the rest
Give it your all with gusto…zest

Be upright strong stand out from the crowd
Don’t whimper and whisper…shout it out loud
It’s all down to you whatever you do
Be kind to yourself…honest and true


There’s no-one like you can pull on through
Take your chances no matter how few
No-one really knows how much time to go
Shine your light…let it show


Meet all challenges don’t hold back
Do with drive if skill you lack
Even when they try to bring you down
                                                  Smile at them sweetly instead of a frown


Lea said...

I'm really sorry it has been such a frustrating experience for you. I do agree you need to do something where you can use your running strength and I think triathlons would be something you would enjoy. I'll keep working until I've convinced you 100% to do the swimming lessons :-)

Love that song of yours Paul. One of my favourites and I love the words and message in this song!

Anonymous said...

Paul dont be despondent about your cycling. Ive learnt to that its not like running. Remember I to have come from running background. Bob has been my coach for over a year now and still tells me off for thinking like a runner. Im still learning about the tactics etc with cycling. You will get better at it. Im sure as you do more training with Bob that you will just keep improving.

Valerie said...

Hi there. I popped over from John's blog. Don't know much about cycling or running but I do know about challenges. Loved the song, my feet were tapping as you sang it.

Kay G. said...

Hey Paul!
You remind me very much of my brother-in-law, he was a great runner, ran in Marathons but now concentrates on bike racing. I will tell him about your blog!
I love your positive attitude. Have you heard of Kyle Maynard? I did a couple of posts about him on my blog, I think you would like reading about him I will follow your blog as I need all the positive energy I can get.
"Smile Sweetly"!
Kay :-)

Kevin and Ruth said...

I think what you have been doing is great. I always think the only person to beat in a race is yourself. To me, you have already won a race when you compete in it and finish it, not that you necessarily came in finish. Keep up the great work and do it because you enjoy it!

Kevin and Ruth

Ellie said...

Paul I think you do wonderfully well at all you do.
It must be really annoying to get a puncture - but you keep going and that is the main thing.

blackhuff said...

Paul, I'm sorry that you are feeling this way and I also agree, that running are much different to cycling. You will get better, just give it some time.

affectionforfitness said...

What a downer to get a puncture. But, I agree with the words of your song. Bad days don't last for long. And, it's okay to have a bad fitness day, now and then. You have a good attitude, despite it all.

:-) Marion