Sunday, 4 March 2012

Storm Surrenders

The storm did arrive in the early hours of Saturday morning. Quite fierce winds meant a restless sleep. During the night I heard a loud crash and discovered the next day that our neighbour had lost part of his roof!

We awoke to no power as it had gone off at 5:20! The wind started to ease a little mid morning as I headed out for a run in the hills. Wind, rain and blown over trees made my run rather interesting but somewhat challenging. Did manage to run for 1:50 so was pleased to have managed a longish run under trying conditions. Finally the power came back on about 2:00!

Today has slightly improved with some bursts of sunshine in between showers. Had a 2 hour cycle this morning which was a bit windy and wet with a few hardy souls from Kapiti Cycling Club!

This afternoon it has been clearing pathways littered with leaves and branches, cleaning bikes and sawing off branches of our front tree.

Here are some photos of the process!

Anything happen in your weekend that was out of the ordinary?


Lea said...

Quite an eventful weekend for you! Seems like it was worse your way than it was our way! Hope your neighbour will be able to sort their roof out soon!

I admire your dedication going out for your bike ride despite the not so great weather!

Our weekend was really boring in comparison to yours.

Becky said...

It's been raining on and off all weekend but nothing too bad here where we are. Yesterday we attended the Craft Fair at the Fair grounds in the morning and then stuck close to home for the afternoon. Today I am up early as our son has to meet Shipmates at 5:30 AM to travel to the Upstate for some Navy training. I'm hoping the rain clears out for them traveling.

Victor e suas opiniões said...

Here Mr.Paul is really hot like 30 degress, its amaizing how you go out for bike ride, well done!

Paul Forster said...

Hi Victor
Sounds really hot over there! Love getting your comments! Feels like you're still here with us! Really appreciate you keeping in contact! Hope you are keeping in touch with Kate!

Buttons said...

We must have had the same wind as you did. Amazing the power and destruction of wind. Glad you are OK. B