Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Birthday Celebration

It was a low key affair!

We had Subway for dinner! Alice and I had the 12 inch sweet chicken sandwiches and Jo had a chicken wrap!

Both Alice and I enjoyed our chicken sandwiches!

Next it was present opening time! Alices's favourite present was the $150 cash from us and Jo's mum!

Following presents we did the Happy Birthday thing. Jo had made a lovely sponge cake with green icing, Alice's favourite colour and melted chocolate, accompanied with ice cream!

Alice is singing Happy Birthday on behalf of Kate

Alice blows out the candles after making her birtday wish

To end the evening we skyped Kate in Palmy who showed Alice some presents she had bought her!

Alice enjoyed her birthday celebration and was delighted to receive all the well wishes!

Thank you everyone who commented on my post. It is the highest number I have had since starting my blog last September! Much appreciated!


Kay G. said...

Good idea, nice easy meal but with a glass of wine, followed by a great looking birthday cake!
There must be a reflection from the candles on the photo of your you see it? Or does she just give off positive sparks like that naturally? :-)

Valerie said...

The cake looks scrumptious. I note that you had a Subway meal; wonder if it's the same Subway that's moved into the UK.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Nothing wrong with Subway every now and again. My favourite fast food!

Lea said...

Seems like a lovely birthday celebration! The cake looks yummy! My kids love subway too!

Ellie said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely day.

blackhuff said...

You see, you're getting more and more readers :) It's awesome, right?
Love the birthday cake and love that you all had a great time.