Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kate Visits

A special day today as Kate has come down from Palmy for a few days. We shared a lovely dinner with her tonight!

She is competing in the National Age Group Swimming Champs in Wellington starting tomorrow. She will be staying in town with the Raumati Swimming Club team until Saturday!

Unfortunately I only get to see her until tomorrow morning when we drop her off in Wellington. I will not be around on the weekend when she leaves as I am off to Napier for a cycle race.

Tomorrow Alice is competing in the Wellington Secondary Schools Triathlon! Will give a report after the event!


blackhuff said...

That's so nice that you were able to see you daughter again. I am sure you have enjoyed the time with her tremendously.
Good luck to your daughter with the swimming. I'm sure she will do great.

Ellie said...

Good luck to Kate with her swimming and to you for your cycle race. I'm sure you will both do brilliantly.
How nice for you to spend some time with her even if only for a short time.

Lea said...

Good luck to both Kate and Alice with their events! Nice for you that Kate came for a visit.