Saturday, 24 March 2012

Preacher Man

Apologies in advance for anyone I might offend. The Preacher Man is a fictitious character that I invented 8 years ago. He is the someone we all have met in our past who criticises and puts us down for our beliefs and actions.

To rise above the negativity and judgements of others takes great courage and fortitude at times. It requires courage to stand up and speak out for what you believe in and not bow to the masses who claim they know more than you!

Here are the words to my poem / song Preacher Man!

Preacher Man

My head's in a're doing me in
Preacher can I win?
You cut me down...though I fight to stand
Can't listen no more to your one track band

You trample upon what I strive to be
Tear at my core...the very heart of me
Take a close look...listen and learn
You've had your it's my turn

Recent demands left me gutted...confused
It seems to me there's no pleasing you
I pour out my soul...entire...whole
Stripped bare...out in the cold


You're merely a and wild
Don't have all the answers...reflect for a while
Stop for a moment...hear what I say
So my words...may find through a way


Not everything comes in black and white
This news could surprise...possibly...might
May come back and haunt you in the dead of night
Causing a shock...awaking in fright


This poem does not reflect my current mood. However I wanted to express some of the emotions I feel when I come up against people who expect me to change to fit in to their cosy way of thinking.


Lea said...

I think we all feel those emotions when we deal with negativity and judgements.

Kay G. said...

You do not even want to get me started on those who use religion in such a mean spirited way and often to just advance their own opinions.
At the end of the day, you can only account for your own actions. Let's make them good ones.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

It's taken me many years, but finally I know that what I think is just as important as what the next person thinks. I still have doubts sometimes, but these days stick to my guns more. I like myself the better for it.