Friday, 16 March 2012

Baby She's So Fine

A blogging friend who helps me to record and download my songs for You Tube told me that today's song was written from a typical male perspective. That person will remain anonymous but my readers mostly know who she is! Being a male myself I suppose it was inevitable that I would write from a male perspective.

It is supposed to be a light hearted look at relationships. Let's be honest it's better to not take relationships too seriously as neither sexes are willing to give an inch and prefer to take a mile. My female audience might suggest that men are better takers than givers. I probably could not argue too much about that but I feel I'm now probably alienating any male readers! You can't please everyone!

Hope my song is more pleasing that what I have managed in words on this post!

I'm open to positive comments / criticisms on my extremely biased take on relationships!


Lea said...

I'm glad you accept that you should not argue with your female audience... ;-)

Great song Paul! I really like this one of yours!

Don't unplug your hub said...

I think I'd better stay out of this one! Except.. 'She gives good loving all the time'. There is a bit of doubt in my mind about that statement. :-)