Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Holiday Update

Survived my Mountain Race in Germany. A lovely location perched at the foot of the Black Forest in a place called Buhlertal.

The race was held on Saturday and my race started at 12:40. The distance was 9.6 km [6 miles] and there were 153 runners in my age group taking on the testing all uphill course.

One of the toughest races I have ever done and at 3 km I had thoughts of giving up though that is not my style. At that point I was in 30th place but battled through the field to get up to 19th at the finish line.

Had a rather worrying conclusion to my race where I picked up a chill afterwards and couldn't stop shaking. It wasn't even cold. Anyway all is well that ends well!

I'm now in London staying with friends for a few days. Looking forward to travelling down to see our blogging buddy, John in Barnham. There is an open mic night tomorrow so hope to do a number or two. Will have to borrow John's guitar if he is willing to loan his prized homemade possession. Will get some pics.

Be in touch later but pics will have to wait until I get back home to New Zealand on Sunday.

Bye for now! Until next time!


Lea said...

well done Paul. Amazing achievement with your race. Hope you are enjoying London and enjoy catching up with John and hope you get a chance to do some of your songs :-)

Paul said...

Thanks Lea! Looking forward to catching up with John and performing. Will report later with some photos

Valerie said...

Nice to think you're in my country. I hope we get to see some of the performance.

Kay G. said...

You and John together! Can the world contain its joy? Waiting for the photos!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Glad you had a good bike race and uphill race. 19th place sounds like a really good finish when you consider that you had thought of giving up.

Hope the weather in London is good for you, I know it hasn't been. We have been keeping an eye on it as we will be arriving there June 13th.

Thanks you for you comment on our contest page. So far it looks like we may have a 1 in 9 chance of winning the trip.

Kevin and Ruth

blackhuff said...

Oh wonderful! You dis great. Congrats.
Enjoy the open mic as well - will love to see the pics.

Ellie said...

Well done Paul you did very well coming 19th when it was so hard. Glad to hear you recovered quickly from your chill.