Friday, 16 September 2011

Word Power

Words can offend, humour, frustrate and motivate. As a teacher I have discovered how children of all ages can be inspired and encouraged by the realisation that words are formidable tools to explore their thoughts and ideas. Obviously there is great excitement for a young person to have the capacity to express and communicate as they develop their language knowledge. Where is this heading you may inquire? Over the last 15 years I've experimented with a learning programme I call Glossary. A simple concept with powerful results of 10 new words a week played with and committed to memory in meaningful contexts. I believe it is fundamental to my teaching and practically unanimously children agree. I admit I am utterly obsessed but can't resist as I constantly see children's eyes light up as I use or they hear those remarkable Glossary Words. Parents are astounded as their children read, write, speak and hear in this new found language that overtakes them as well. Long live the Power of the Word! 


Lea White said...

You are absolutely right! It is one of Bianca's favourite things in class. And she's told me before that formidable is one of her glossary words :-). Bianca also works hard to get us to use different words, so the glossary is definitely important to her! We are so grateful that you have put this in place because she is always so excited when she tells us about learning glossary in class!

LatteJunkie said...

I fully agree, too many children are limited by the stock vocabulary on TV or in mass produced TV tie-in books!

When I was teaching I would read the kids books that were about 3 years ahead of where they were academically - that way I could extend their vocabulary and get them interested in new books :)

Paul said...

Thanks for your reply! There is no age limit for extending children in oral language. Set the bar high and they will reach it.

Anna said...

Paul - I love your blogspot and can't wait to show Forrest! You are an inspirational teacher encouraging kids to go further than the normally would...and they love it! They feel so empowered (thats probably one of your glossary words).

One of the highlights for Forrest was when he was on the plane recently holding his Willard Price book (which you had said you got a lot of your glossary words from) and all the air hostesses kept coming up to him in awe that a 7 year old was reading such a thick book with such advanced words!

Keep the good work up.