Monday, 25 June 2012

Energetic Exercise

With the bad weather last week I ended up taking the car to work most days which meant I short changed myself on the exercise front. Being the fanatic I am I decided I needed to do a catch up over the weekend.

On Saturday I tackled the hills behind Paraparaumu for a 2 hour run. It is a pleasure to be running away from civilisation. In fact in 16 years I have only ever once come across another runner in these hills and that was someone I knew. These photos are of parts of the course that you may have seen before.

On Sunday we were to travel up to Palmerston North to pick up Kate on holiday from University for 3 weeks. I decided to make the 95 km [60 mile] trip on my bike while Jo and Alice drove up. I did the trip in 3 hours which I was really pleased about.

It is lovely to have Kate back home for the term break!


Lea said...

Beautiful photos. Looks so nice and peaceful where you run. Not sure I'd actually want to run it though ;-).

You're not taking it easy with your exercise are you?

Lea said...

Oh and well done on your big bike ride to Palmerston North! You did really well!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Is there an engine on your bike? My maths make that 20 mph! Or on a round trip 40 mph! I'm not good at maths, as you may recall.

Buttons said...

Awesome photos Paul to bike to your daughter is wonderful. I hope you enjoy your visit but I am sure you will. Will you bike back to say goodbye? B

blackhuff said...

These are beautiful photos.
I did not know that you have alternative way (exercise wise) to get to work. I wish I could take a bicycle or run to work but I don't have a place to shower or clean up at work :(