Sunday, 11 September 2011

Girls in swimming

Have just come back from a swim meet like I have done regularly for 8 years and thought I'd share some thoughts about how swimming has bettered our lives.
I've come from a running background and have run keenly since I was 10. It was only through my wife getting the girls into swimming from an early age that this came about. Over the years I have come to realise the positive impact it has on all of us.
Our girls Kate, 18 and Alice, 15 have received huge benefit from their swimming years physically, academically, socially and emotionally.
Swimming fitness and the structure and discipline of training has allowed the girls to compete successfully in surf, running, biking and triathlons.
Through swimming the girls have managed to develop healthy relationships with other like minded teens.
Having daily exercise has also had spin offs at College where they are fit enough to compete in various sporting activities and are better able to apply themselves to their studies.
The self esteem gained from regular exercise is helping Kate and Alice to develop into confident young adults.
Swimming seems to me the ultimate form of exercise for children as it allows them to be fit and healthy without putting strain on their joints, in a safe environment.
I would encourage parents to start their children early in swimming to give them the many benefits it provides.


Lea White said...

I would fully agree with you. The earlier the better. When Bianca became sick she wasn't able / allowed to ever go swimming due to the risk of infection and so Caitlyn never started until finally they both started swimming lessons recently. Caitlyn is really struggling with her confidence but we are hopeful that soon she'll be happier during the lessons.

I actually worked for the New Zealand Oceanswim company when we were still in Auckland (they do ocean swim events in several cities in New Zealand including the Capital Classic in Wellington) and they are pretty big on trying to get kids into swimming.

It is inspiring to see how your whole family is involved in fitness and sport!

blackhuff said...

I love that swimming have given this to your kids. With mine it is karate and tennis. It benefits so much to my son who have ADHD. It helps him with his social skills, frustration he have and his anger issues. It helped him making friends with the same interest he have namely karate and tennis.

Laura @ Our Wee Farm said...

Hi Paul!
Couldn't agree more. I've only recently ( this year) got back into swimming in a big way. When I was at school in Scotland I swam to district level and loved it. Now I'm more into distance swimming. Four times a week I go to the pool and swim 2km each time - in the summer I do sea swimming as well. And I feel SO good for it!! xx

Paul said...

Thanks Laura for replying to my blog. You're doing well swimming 2km at a time. Our oldest girl has competed at National Level and has gained a lot of pleasure out of training and competition.