Saturday, 17 September 2011

Touching Lives

I feel immensely priveledged to have spent the last 17 years working with children. I have loved seeing their enthusiasm for learning and the huge potential that every child has. It has been a joy to take them into the previously unknown. I've been invigourated by the excitement when children discover they have talents and abilities that had been dormant and I am proud that I have been instrumental in awakening them. I am extremely fortunate that I can share in the joy and fun of being young. It brings great satisfaction to introduce them to my world and for me to share in theirs. I have appreciated the simple pleasures that are present in a kind and encouraging word that inspires and motivates. I am extremely grateful to have had this time to touch lives and open futures.

Here are the lyrics of a song I wrote about 8 years ago. An invitation into the special qualities found in children.

                                                  Gentle Sweet Child

                                           Happy laughter fills the air
                                           Squeals of contentment clearly hear
                                           Oh to be young without a care
                                           Living moments..smiles wear

                                           Today only..matters not
                                           Coming the future..tomorrow what
                                           Only that now they
                                           If you give they'll take the lot

                                           Nothing compares to a gentle sweet chid

                                           Bundles of energy..excess to burn
                                           Inquisitive..curious..eager to learn
                                           Don't want to share..always their turn
                                           If you spend the time..their love you'll earn


                                           They need to know as they quickly grow
                                           You're there for them..let it show
                                           Make them feel special..important so
                                           Watch their eyes light up..faces glow



Lea White said...

Wow! Amazing post and beautiful song! I'd love to hear it sometime!

blackhuff said...

It's great to hear a teacher, saying such lovely words regarding teaching. This is obviously a calling for you. I get a lot of teachers here in SA, which complain about their work and pupils. I have never came upon a teacher, saying lovely things about their pupils and profession.